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6 Incredibly Easy Ways Of Making Money Online

If you’re looking to increase your revenue stream, then making extra money online is the solution for you. A lot of people are always very skeptical when it comes to doing virtual jobs or businesses majorly due to trust issues among other countless concerns. There is no doubt that some of these issues are unfortunately a reality and a threat to existing legitimate online income generators. Due to this reasons, we have compiled below 6 trusted ways of benefiting financially from online platforms.

1. Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys are among the easiest ways to generate extra cash. There are several trusted survey sites that are willing to pay for a survey conducted. Surveys are an easy way to earn online since all that one needs to do is to air their opinion on certain issues under study such as the economy. Some of the paid for surveys can be gotten at: MySurvey, CashCrate, I-Say, Toluna, The Opinion Panel, I Poll and Global Test Market among many others.

2. Freelance Work

Do you enjoy writing, graphics designing or running Facebook pages? If you do, then freelancing might just be meant for you. The best thing about freelance work is that you can work from anywhere and work for anyone around the world. All one needs is a computer and internet connection. Sites such as Upwork and Freelancer offer good prospects for growth to freelancers although there are many others.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing can be very lucrative in case one has a good following on Twitter, Facebook, blog or even a website. You can promote products, services or offers for companies online. Sign up for an affiliate network like Affiliate Window. Check their blog and find items or services your friends or followers might be interested in, get your link and share it on your pages. If within 90 days someone makes a purchase using your link, you make a handsome commission.

4. Websites and Apps Reviewing

Well, if you are a fan of web browsing, it might be wise to make cash out of it. User testing lets you get paid for reviewing websites for an average time duration of 20 minutes. Every review earns you around $ 20. This means you can determine how many reviews you wish to conduct in a day making you take charge of your daily earnings.

5. Writing eBooks

Do you ever wish to have collective information about a given field such as a guide to dairy farming or online money making platforms? Well, as it is, there is a huge demand for such. Writing eBooks about topics you enjoy can prove to be very rewarding. However, the greatest challenge in writing eBooks is plagiarism which can be avoided by using a plagiarism checker such as Copyscape.

6. Blogging

If you have passion for a given topic such as politics or business, then blogging about it could get you paid. Besides blogging about topic you enjoy, you can also earn from your blog by simply posting jobs, private adverts, selling eBooks and the list is endless. The bottom line is, the more diverse a blog is the more you get paid. Blogging can be a slow venture to take off but with patience very rewarding.