making money with your own product

Making Money With Your Own Product Through Affiliate Marketing

One increasingly popular and very profitable way to bring in some extra cash using the computer is through the high performance affiliate marketing of your own product. Create an information product about a topic you’re very knowledgeable on – an affiliate marketing eBook, perhaps? – and offer it to your readers.

It seems like everyone and his brother is developing information products on every subject known to man, which is actually a stroke of genius. Why do people come to the Internet in the first place? They come for information. Instead of letting them root around the search engines for bits and pieces, why not give them all that they need in one place – your affiliate marketing business blog.

You might be asking, “Why my blog?” Well, the better question is “Why not?” You spend time every day writing about a specific topic for your readers. They keep coming back because of two things:

Your voice

Your knowledge

Give them more of your voice with informational products. What types of informational products can you offer? Let’s start small and work our way up.

Special Reports

To get your feet wet with information product creation, you can start out creating shorter products such as special reports, which are ideal for giving away as freebies when buying an eBook or other informational product. These reports can be a compilation of past blog posts with a bit more information sprinkled in. Special reports usually range from 5 to around 20 pages, and the longer ones, which take more time to research and write, can be sold for profit.


eBooks are digital books that can be downloaded to your computer in a few minutes. They keep the bookshelves of your home from getting cluttered and can be shared much quicker and easier than a regular book.

But, we’re not talking about just any eBooks here. We’re talking about eBooks that will be created by you, and that won’t be available anywhere except on your blog. You can blog on all areas of your topic that readers have shown an interest in. Blog posts only touch the surface. You can give your readers more in-depth information, the rest of the story, in an eBook.

Other Products

There are dozens of informational products you can create to monetize your blog. From here, you can branch out into workbooks, audio, video, e-courses and the like. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, be sure that you ready your blog for selling. If you are not going to offer your eBook through an affiliate manager site such as Clickbank, you will need a shopping cart so that readers can easily browse and purchase your products.

There are many advantages to creating and selling informational products, the most obvious one being the fact that you have no overhead. Not having to package and mail physical products is a plus as well.

You have the knowledge – or you can gain the knowledge – and you can create your own information products. And you don’t have to work from scratch, you can use the internet to instantly get information you need on any subject imaginable to get you started.


Anything from ‘how to groom your dog’ to ‘learn affiliate marketing‘ can be researched right here online and condensed into an ebook. So, what are you waiting for? Use what you are passionate about or whatever you have expertise in to create a new stream of income for you and your family.