Why You Should Start an Online Business with Google AdSense in 2018

If you have a choice, will you choose to work 9-5 as a typical worker or start your own online business? The answer is obvious, who will enjoy working 9-5 with just enough income to survive?

Fortunately, with display advertising like Google AdSense, now you can build an online business quickly and start making money online with little capital.

Why Google AdSense

You may hear about Google AdSense before, but do you know how it really works or how much you can earn with it?

In a nutshell, Google AdSense is a piece of code that you can put on your site’s widget area, header, or text area to display advertisement from Google’s advertiser. When your visitors viewed or clicked the ads from Google AdSense, you’ll get paid based on views per thousand (CPM) or per click, depending on your niche and keyword. For example, you may earn $1 dollar per 1000 views or per click to the advertiser’s site.

The good thing about Google AdSense is that it doesn’t even require your visitors to complete a sales or transaction to make money, which greatly increase the consistency and stability. Also, if your website or contents is good, visitors won’t matter about having some banner or text ads on your website. You just have to find a good placement for the ads to ensure good exposure rate.

How Google AdSense Compared to Others Ads

First, the way Google AdSense present their ads is less obtrusive for your readers compared to those flashy banners, pop-up ads, floating banner ads, pop-under ads, and more that are annoying and slow down the site, so it shouldn’t bring any major concern in user experience.

Not to forget the advertisement from Google AdSense is generated based on your site’s content, so it should match the visitor’s preference as well since they are coming to read your content or visit your site, which also increases your site’s ads revenue at the same time.

Second, the size of Google AdSense ads is customizable, meaning you can fit the right size at any part of your site and make them look more integrated with your site’s contents.

If compared to private sponsored banner ads, Google AdSense solved the problem in finding advertisers to advertise on your site as it’s not easy to consistently having sponsorship opportunities, which make Google AdSense appeal to most bloggers and website owner.

Is Google AdSense Reliable

There are people who make 6 figures a year using Google AdSense without leaving their sweet home as they only need a laptop and internet to make their living, and the number keeps increasing from time to time, which proves that Google AdSense is a reliable way when come to making money. If you run a Google AdSense blog, all you need is write contents and use various ways to drive traffic to your blog because Google AdSense will take care of your monetization, simple right?

The program is free to join and the approval is fast, which further lower down the entry for the new website owner to make money online. Also, the advertising rate from Google AdSense is increasing due to the competition in Google AdWords, which is a good news for you as a publisher. The higher the CPC cost in Google AdWords, the more you can make when your visitors click the ads on your site.

Plus, it’s fast and easy to set up Google AdSense on your website or blog, you can complete the whole process within 30 minutes and start to monetize your site’s traffic. Unlike some other ads platforms that you need apply and then wait for days for them to review your application. Once approved, you just have to add the Google AdSense code to your site (widget, header, footer, or text areas) and configure the ads size, that’s all.


If you are a blogger or webmaster that haven’t try out Google AdSense, give it a try and start making money from it, whether you want to make a living or just some extra money to pay for your bills. You’ll never know the outcome without trying it.

After all, Google AdSense is definitely a great monetization solution that I will highly recommend to most bloggers and webmasters that want to make money online simply because it works.

Article by Charlie Alexander

Charlie is a freelance professional writer and contributor for many websites and companies. He blog occasionally at https://charliewriter.weebly.com/ during his free time.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charliewriter/